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The14thReader at May 06, 2020 09:24 AM


ageing still were less wise
than Ryan at eighteen. Small
minds have borders. Your
son Ryan had a good mind
and a good heart. His life
had no borders. He will
wing his way to heaven
and he won't need a road
map because he already
knows the way.

Perhaps Ryan was too
gentle to live among wolves.
Remember this song from the
past? -- [Musical notes].. and I could have
told you Ryan (Vincent), this world
was never meant for one
as beautiful as you. [Musical notes]

How very proud you must
be at this moment to have
given birth and mothered
this great a human.

Perhaps the Easter season
is symbolic to you so
you will not grieve in
vain. He also will rise
in the bodies and souls
of all child Aids vicitims
that demand recognition.

I would like to thank
you for helping your son
attain his goal. That is
also very unselfish. Andrea,
it is not easy having a brother
in the limelight no matter what
the reason but you have handled
it like a thoroughbred. You
are a very special young
lady. Best wishes for all
things good for the rest of
your lives.