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Days in the United States that you must
attend Church

1. All Sundays of the Year. - Sundays.
2. January 1- Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. - Solemnity
3. 40 Days after Easter - Ascension Thursday. - Solemnity
4. August 15- Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. -Solemnity
5. November 1- All Saint's Day. - Solemnity
6. December 8- Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary- Solemnity
7. December 25- Christmas Day. - Solemnity

Days in the United States that you should
attend Church But you don't have to

1. March 19- St. Joseph, Husband of Mary. - Solemnity.
2. March 25- Annunciation- Solemnity.
3. Good Friday- Friday before Easter.
4. Holy Thursday- Thursday before Easter.
5. Holy Saturday- Saturday before Easter.
6. Ash Wednesday- 7 Wednesdays before Easter.
7. June 24- Birth of St. John the Baptist- Solemnity.
8. June 29- St. Peter & St. Paul, Apostles- Solemnity.
9. July 4- Independence Day- Optional Memorial
10. Labor Day- 1st Monday in September- Optional Memorial
11. Thanksgiving Day- 4th Thursday in November - Optional Memorial
12. Our Lady of Guadalupe- December 12- Memorial
13. Holy Family- Sunday within the Octabe of X-Mas- Feast, or December 30.
14. Memorial Day- last Monday in May. - Votive Mass (not a feast yet.)
15. September 8- Birth of Mary - Feast.