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The Wallendas
Steven G. Wallenda I Angel E. Wallenda
Steven G. Wallenda II

November 3, 1991

Dear Jeanne:

Not long ago, my husband, my son &
myself were attending the awards banquet
for Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. I (Angel) received
a 1991 award - Positive Thinking. There I
learned about you & your son Ryan.

Long ago I wanted to write to you
to express how wonderful you are & how
brave your son was acting. I never did &
I brushed it off as being silly - it would be
one in thousands which you probably wouldn't
see anyway.

Why am I writing? I'm no so sure why,
myself except I really admire your courage
& support you gave to your boy. Usually the
one's working hard & supporting goes unnoticed
or unappreciated & I wouldn't want that to

I'm enclosing a Plus - which is my
story. In it you'll notice we've been fighting
a battle ourselves. I guess that's why I
feel for you.