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Kelley Brenneman at May 23, 2018 02:04 PM


Dear Ryan White,

My name is Elizabeth [blacked out]. I'm 12 almost
13. I go to [blacked out] Jr. High in [blacked out.]. I was having
so much trouble in school. Not in school work but with
my so-called friends. They had kicked me off the
table. I had no one else that I could eat with.
I think it hurts so much because I thought they
were my friends. I wateched your movie monday
night. I watched it because I think your cute. It
didn't have the same effect that I thought it would.
I saw how much courage you have. It made me relize
that I could make new friends that they weren't my
only firends. I'm a Christian. I don't now if you
have a relign or not, but I want to tell you
about mine. Did you know that Jesus died for you
and everybody on the earth. When ever I need to
talk to sombody he's the first person I go to.
I just pray and talk to him about things that
happened. If you want you could pray and ask him
to come into your heart (if he already isn't).
Just ask him to forgive you for your sins and
ask him to come into your heart. It's really easy.
You don't havet to give up anything. Like music or
what you watch on T.V. What kind of music do listen
to? I listen to the radio alot and I listen to my
faviorite singer, Elton John. I wish I could meat him.
Do you have a sister or brother. I have a 17 year old
brother named Scot. I typed this letter because I have
alful penminship. I'll pray for you. Thank you for
everything you did. It may not seem much in this
letter but it was alot to me.

Sincely Yours,
Elizabeth [blacked out]

If you wantyou can write me at
Elizabeth [blacked out]
[blacked out]
[blacked out] Nv.
[blacked out]

Thanks for EVERTHING!!