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October 17, 1988

Dear Ryan:

Hi. How are you doing. I hope
you are doing great. I wrote you
a couple of months ago, and I
hope if you have time, that you
will write me back.

How is school going for you? I
hope you got good grades. You
seem smart, and I am sure your
grades are good. Speaking of grades,
I hope you can read my hand
writing. I am trying to write
neat. Sometimes it can got sloppy.

Did you watch the Olympics? I
watched some of it. My favorite
part was where Greg Louganis
won the gold medal in diving and
made Olympic history. To me, he
is the greatest diver.

I just recently got another ferret.
It is a weasel like animal.
I now have two. The are both
females, and are named
Snickers and Sparky [Fiey?]