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[redacted] Yugoslavia

Hello Ryan,

Boy, I like to touch you and die with you! I may, why get it distance from
you alike stones, snaks?,,

Please, don't be afraid, unhappy! I save my fingers for you till the happy
day when you will be a good helth what I belive.

They are afraid there in Cockom because of AIDS?! Ryan, we don't know who
can ended on the buth hill, all Cockomtown or you. Let me say, after you
we must die, everibody,,, But I don't like to die thinking on you, yours
tears in yours eyes and hart,,, Lord kill me if I think wrong!!!
Ryan, I am jung man, unhappy because al agad was wrong, hard and blue,,
No, no much regrets for you, can't help it! I hope to can find someting be
ter. Maybe if you want to be my friend juas as I want.

I set I was unwell but I won! A little bit hope, little bit work and much

You may not in the scool, okay, stand by yourself. If you can't to do its,
let it when you can. If you want someting very much and thats is some
difficult to have, to do, Ryan its must not now,,, Look aroud you.
Many peoples like to be just as The Dynasti or Dalas storries, Hollywood
stars, oil kinds and qwins,,, Unpossible! Look at good Ryan! Can you see,
unhappynes? Behind a face, behind the light. And what they does? Take drin
king, crying lonely, takeng Valium, heroin, lovers, cars, houses, and,,,,
Look at Ryan! What you think about? Find you all good or commic?
Be happy Ryan, you are not poppet on the string, you are good boy!

1984 I fly to Jerusalem Isreas-Hollyland. I was blind and alone. By my side
siting a girl from Montriol Canada. She talk me. She told me, I have mode
boutiq, what you prefer from me, modern cloth, jackets, jeans,,,,
I set her, nothing. But if you like to do someting good for me, write me, se
nd me a music, tapes,,, I don't need modern cloths cause I'm all alone, no
body need me,, Nothing received from Canada. Now I am good, I can see.
I am very modern too. I have pantalons from 1972 and they set, oh, you are
super, you are rich,,, My heart is right and I am poor and happy.

Ryan, May I tell you my secret? I dream to find a girl with lovely face, eyes,
hairs. Little lovely girl, no, no Tarzan or Joan Colins,

Also I want to be your friend. Good? Excuse me, my English is world scandal.
You can understand me Ryan? Well! and you'l answer me? Super!

My name is Eduard [redacted] but many call me Jerome too. I been in Belgium.
I saw you in ours news-papers and I decede to write you! Hope, you reseive
this letter. Many greetings! By,,,
Eduard [redacted]
Eduard [redacted] [redacted]
Egyapg [redacted] [redacted]

We write by us
so; little USA,
Little USSR.
We call you
Ryan - Rajan
White - Vajt
Pajah Baj[?]