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Dear Jennie and Dear Ryan, the 2 of April 1986 (Luke 5 v. 11)
ISRAËL - Lac de Galilée on the post-card "they leaved all and followed Him"
Yes, we must all confide into Jesus s' hands = [?] cares, joys and afflic
tions and to look up toward the sky and to follow Him...
God has not wanted the misfortunes of this world, but it is the sin
which has involved these and everybody, we have to suffer the
consequences of it, directly or not directly as in your circumstance
Ryan who are an innocent victim... But Christ is the victory
and the evil is conquered, already in this world, and in the other
world, by Him... He has been saying, that He prepare to us and eternal
Home near Him. Oh! I hope you know Him!... He Love you
and wait for you... the Bible can be a powerful comfort it
teaches and reveal Hi Love, and the ONLY WAY = JESUS!...

I love you and pray for you Jennie and Ryan beloved

A French mamma who has 2 young boys.
Jesus - "I am the resurrection and the Life, he who [signature - Christiane]
believe in me will live, even though he would
be dead" (John 11 v. 25)

"God has so loved people that He has given his son, in
order that, whoever believe [image - bird] in Him does not perish, but
that He has the eternal [image - two holding hands] Life." (John 3 v. 16)
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