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didger54 at Jan 22, 2018 12:16 AM


Bon Jovi, and Wierd Al Yankovic. Most people ask me if I'm related to him, but I'm really not. My cat likes the Fat Boys and D.J. Jazzy jeff and the Fresh Prince.

My favorite TV shows are Cosby, Full House, Growing Pains, and Days of Our Lives.

Living in you have to live close to. Purdue is my favorite college basketball team. IU is my third. I also like the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs. But this year in the Superbowl it's the Bengals all the way.

I like to paint and sculpture abstract. I also like to make bracelets.

I'm home from school today because I have an ear infection and strep throat. I am so bored.

People say I dress wierd. It's kind of 1960's and 1980's without looking to stand-out. And my hair is the only thing 1960's. I don't rat it or anything,