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Lesia Weber at Jul 17, 2020 04:25 PM


My heart is heavy as
I write these words. The
tears in my eyes make it
difficult for me to see.
Mere words will not help
but I feel I had to write.

Please accept my sincere
sympathy in your time of
bereavement. Memories of
happy times with your hand
some son, will now be
cherished even more. May
they help assauge your
loss and feeling of em
ptiness. Ryan was an in
spiration for all of mankind.
His death leaves a void
in all lives, even
if we didn't know him.
You are in my thoughts
and prayers.

May the memories
your loved one
bring you comfort...
and may knowing you're in
the thoughts of others
help you at this time.

Mrs. Hester [redacted]