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atay_1027 at May 28, 2018 07:32 PM


by what others think. I love working with those
children. They are great. My mom also is training to
work with Aids patients. I think she is great.. anyway,
I know how it feels to be a stranger in your own
neiborhood. Many have felt that way about my brother.
Ryan, I love you so much. I care so much about you. I
know you are gonna win this terrible disease. And
you'll show every jerk in Kokomo you can. There are
many kids that have faith in you. You are the greatest
person alive.I hope one day we can get to know each
other even if it is by phone. I really love you so much
and I understand. Oh yes! I forgot! My name is JOHNNA
[ryhmes with donna] and I am gonna be 16. I live in [redacted]
[redacted] N.Y. and I attend [redacted] school.
I am a sophmore in an all girls school. I have [redacted]
hair and [redacted] eyes. I am Italian but I don't think I
look it. My favorite subject is English. and global,but I
suck in math. I love club music and I love to go to
dances. That is what I mainly do on weekends plus I am
one of the major stars in the school play. It would be
my dream for you to come and see it but I know you
have school too. Ryan , again I think your one hell of a
person. plllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee write me
back! I BEG YOU! Next time you are in New York let me
know. you can stay with me. I really love you alot Ryan.
Hang in ther. You will be just fine. Maybe if you are
ever not busy, you could call me and we could talk.

I really hope we can meet. It would be a great honor to
stand next to a winner like you. I am formally asking
you to my prom and I MEAN IT! In 2 years.

Please write back !!

Johnna [redacted]
[redacted] N.Y.