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EmilyH at Jun 21, 2020 02:20 AM


Dear Jeanne + everyone,

You each have all our
sympathies at your great loss. Ryan was a very
very Special Young Man. All anyone had to do
was to look at him, they'd be able to see how
loving - forgiving + tenderhearted he was. He went
thru so much - it doesn't seem fair. But my
GrandMa - who lived to be 97 ½ always told
people "Never 2nd guess God! He has a
reason for everything he does!" How true her
words of wisdom are! Look at All the Good
Ryan Did - All the lives that were touched +
changed because of him! He's giving with
Jesus now - out of paint + everying he dealt
with here on earth.

He's with my
GrandMa (who went home [date redacted]-89) - GrandPa
+ my 5 month old brother, + (countless other
dear sweet people)...As he is with all the
loved one's he had - who went before him.

I'm sending you the clipping's on Ryan
which were in the [redacted] Press.
Also included are poems that I thought
would give you comfort. I thought each
one was very special. The 2nd one on the
bottom - was sent to my folks when Kurt
died in 1965 (he died at home - he had a
heart murmur + back then - they couldn't
do anything about it.).

It helped my Parents
go through that period - so I'm shareing
it with others who are in need. One was
a couple who lost their 2nd baby to an
inheirited disease, a girl at 7 ½ mon's, a boy at