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The Wallendas
Steven G. Wallenda I Angel E. Wallenda
Steven G. Wallenda II

We've had the opportunity to go &
speak at the Crystal Cathedral & I
shared about how God works in mysterious
ways. We sometimes don't understand or
even agree with things but he's got his
hand in all things.

I grew up in homes since I was 9
months old. I lived in 15 different foster
homes by the ag 15 & I always felt
alone & abandoned - God didn't care - so I
won't bother with him either! (So I thought)

Through losing my leg & parts of my
lungs to cancer I learned or was shown
& taught - God is with me & has been - he's
my protector & guidance.

This is getting long I hope you didn't
mind me writing.

God Bless -
Angel E. Wallenda

P.S. When I walk the
wire with my artificial
leg I now place this
alongsite - Walk in his light.
Warmed by his love.
Steadied by his hand.