Steward to Ryan White on January 17, 1989



[redacted] [redacted] PA [redacted] January 17, 1989 St. Anthony, Abbot

Dear Ryan,

Hi! My name is Steward [redacted] and I live in [redacted] Pennsylvania.

[redacted] is a lot like Cicero, but larger. [redacted] lies in a fairly agricultural area. But the mining industry here is mining for Anthracite Coal. [redacted] is also the home of the oldest brewery in America. It's called "Yuengling's Brewery."

[redacted] is about 92 miles N.W. of Philadelphia and about 61 miles N.E> of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's capital.

I watched your show last night on TV, plus I taped it. It was one of the best shows on TV in a long time.

I would like to say thank you for sharing your story with all of us. I think that took a lot of courage to

over [arrow]

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let everyone know your story.

I also think your story changed the lives of many people in this country.

I think your doing a damn good job at spreading the truth about A.I.D.S., and I hope that you will continue to tell not just America, but the whole earth about this disease.

I don't know if your Catholic, or not, but, in the catholic religion we have a comemoration of what we call saints. Saints are people who lived good lives on earth and/or were killed for believing in Jesus.

The Church remembers these saints throughout the year. Today the Church has one person that they consider a "walking saint," although she does not have a feast day, yet. Her name is Mother Theresa.

In my eyes, I consider you a "walking saint" because of all the good you do by educating the people of this world, in your own way.

I pray ever day that they may

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find a 100% cure of A.I.D.S., cancer, and Lukemia. And if they find a cure for A.I.D.S. I hope your the first in line.

If you are ever in the [redacted] area, I hope that you will stop in to see me. I'd like to get to know you.

Take care, and I hope to meet you someday.

Peace & Love,

Steward [redacted] Steward [redacted]

[redacted] PA [redacted] tel. [redacted]

P.S. Also with this letter is a copy of the 1989 Calendar of Saints, and 2 pictures of [redacted] from the top of the Sharp Mountain; and 2 pictures from our newspaper, the [redacted] Republican.

Bye, bye.

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The Liturgical Season of Anno Domini 1989

How the Liturgical Calendar Works

The Saints are always celebrated on the same day every year, for example: St. Ambrose is always celebrated on December 7 unless it falls on a Sunday, if so, then it is omitted that year.

But, there are certain Feasts and Saints t hat are Never omitted, even if they fall on a Sunday. During Ordinary Time & Christmas, they are celebrated on Sunday. During Advent, Lent, & Easter they are transferred to the Saturday before its original day. The following feasts are NEVER omited:

1. January 1- Mary Mother of God - Solemnity 2. February 2- Presentation of the Lord - Feast 3. March 19 - St. Joseph, Husband of Mary - Solemnity 4. March 25 - Annunciation - Solemnity 5. June 24 - Birth of St. John the Baptist - Solemnity 6. June 29- Sts. Peter & Paul - Solemnity 7. August 6- Transfiguration - Feast 8. August 15- Assumption - Solemnity 9. Triumph of the cross -September 14- Feast 10. All Saint's Day - November 1 - Solemnity 11. All Soul's Day- November 2 12. November 9- Dedication of St. John Lateran - Feast 13. December 8- Immaculate Conception - Solemnity 14. December 25- Christmas Day - Solemnity

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Rules for Movable Feasts

1. Easter Sunday- 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon in Spring 2. Ash Wednesday- 7th Wednesday before Easter. 3. Palm Sunday- 1 week before Easter. 4. Ascension Thursday- 40 days after Easter. 5. PeNTECOST Sunday- 50 days after Easter. 6. Trinity Sunday- Sunday after Pentecost. 7. The Body & Blood of Christ- Sunday after Trinity Sunday. 8. Christ the King- Sunday before the 1st Sunday of Advent. 9. 1st Sunday of Advent- Sunday closest to November 30. 10. Sacred Heart- Friday after the 2nd Sunday After Pentecost. 11. Immaculate Heart of Mary- Saturday after the 2nd Sunday after Pentecost. 12. Epiphany- Sunday between January 2 & January 8. *13. Baptism of the Lord- Sunday after January 6. 14. Holy Family- Sunday between December 26 & December 31. - If there is NO Sunday- then December 30. 15. Ordinary Time runs from the Baptism of the Lord to the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. and from the Monday after Pentecost to the Saturday before the 1st Sunday of Advent. 16. Labor Day- 1st Monday in September (in U.S.A. only) 17. Thanksgiving Day- 4th Thursday in November (in U.S.A. only) 18. Oktoberfest Day- 1st Saturday in October (in Pottsville only) - All Memorials that fall between Ash Wednesday & Easter are made optional memorials, and also for December 17 to December 24, * If Epiphany is on January 7 or January 8- Baptism of the Lord is celebrated on the Monday after Epiphany.

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