going. I could go on also. I know
that no matter, how bad things were for me
personally, things were even tougher for Ryan,
he wasn't giving up - so I refused to give
up, too.

I cried every day for more than a
week after he died. His picture in a paper, or
a look at him on a TV apecial remimded
me of what the world has lost. He was
truly a fine boy. I know you must be so
proud of him.

I think of him a lot - especially
when I'm down. Although it saddens me to
know he has passed on, his memory keeps
me going. He refuses to let me give up, and
his memory maked my heart glad.

I wanted to attend his funeral and
tell you these things in person, but I knew
that, at the time, your grief must have been

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