if you ever want to call me
my # is [redacted].

about AIDS. But not as much
as you. I'm sure of that.

Do you know what I have one
goal in life: It is to meet
you in person & become really
really good & close friends.

This morning you were on
WZPL. I recorded you! I finially
after all of these years got
and address to write I was
so happy!

So, do you think you'll
ever come to[Redacted], Indiana?
It's near [Redacted]. I'm sure
you know where that is. If
you ever do, it would be more
than an honor to meet my
most honored person!

Will you do 2 favors for me?
(1.) Write me a letter & tell me
some more about your life, when
your birthday is, (mines [redacted]), & your
girlfriend. (2.) Send me a picture
(recent) of you w/ your autograph. Please
write back soon. I'll be waiting. Your biggest
fan ever & for always, Lori |Ann| [redacted] "93"

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