Hi! How are you Doing friend. I just want to
say that I am Reading your wonderful story in
the Newspaper's what your trying to get
cross. to people in the world. I Love for you
to come to our church to talk about you contact
Aids so please call me at
to let me know if you would do me the
favor. By calling me so I call A hero for
what you been doing. What Kokomo schools
done to you was wrong by what they try to
keep you out of scool by the law they really
could not done it but stop people can't
realize what is Aids they feel like that
people with Aids is not normel people but
according to Jesus everybody in his book is normel
in his wouderful eyes. Please call me soon
to tell me that if you do me that favor.
And I want to really meet a hero also.
Please call me at

I love to invit you to my church.
And I am praying for you
Everytime friend.

God bless you Ryan for Every
thing your doing.


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