Hi sweetie! I hope you day is going great
today. For my English class, my teacher assigned
us to write a poem, and I wrote my poem about
you. I got a 100 on it, anyway I thought you
might like to hear it.

A letter to Ryan from the heart

Ryan, the name that can always put a smile on
my face.
Ryan you are such a delight to my heart.
Ryan you have so much courage, and I'm so
very proud of you with all your acomplishments.
You are careing, brave, and very special,
everytime you smile beams of sunshine shine
through you.

Ryan I've wrote you many letters, and sometimes
I get scared that you may not get them, but
I have to believe.
Ryan sometimes your the only thing that keeps me
You've touched my life in a way, that I may
never be able to express.

Ryan always keep your head high and believe
that you are a very special person who has
something good to offer life.
And Ryan no matter people said or what

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