New York state champing fight.
I've been in it for seven years
and it has really helped me out
in life. And no not fighting
but talking and listening to
people and wining fights with
my mounth better then my body.
When I was at the tourment a
lots of people saw my coat that
said in care of Ryan White. The
kung fu magezeans saw me and
said may we put you in our
magezean. I said no this is for
Ryan only and I took 2nd
place for you body. You see I
like fighting for people like you
my karate teacher was very
glade that I did that. We are
thanking about haveing a
tourment in cicero IN at the
high school. If we do I'll keep
writeing you. And if we will do
you thank that you might be
able to make it at the fight
and oh ya I'll be ther. I'll be


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