Ryan. I saw the move
let me be one of the
frist to say great work
the move made me criy. I
want you to know that I am
writeing a book on life it
self. When I write a ward
I think about you all the
time. Thats because Jesus loves
you and so do I. I have
been waiteing for youer laetters
but I can under stand that
you are in the move in all
so I'll keep writeing you. I'll
get one from you one day. This
is one of my pholospheys out of
my book. All the master know you
must have the glow to flow, don't
you see you have the glow Ryan
you are the master of all. Let
me tell you a little about
my self - H-5-8 lbs 140 - brown eyes
black hair brown skin. Hobbies are
karate. I just took 2nd place in

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