AIDS, like Polio will not always be a problem. There will,
however, always be some sort of problem or bigotry surrounding school
systems. But, whatever you do, it is none of my affair.

I expect that several people will write more biographys and
documentarys about Ryan. I know that I am planning to do a fictional
novel about his story. Unfortunatly, I have trouble finishing the
books once I'm in the first-draft stage (It is currently near the end
of my planning stage). At present I am considering changing the name
of the Ryan character, tho.

Being seventeen, I understand the tragedy of your loss, and the joy of your gain. I wish to apologize for any painful memory I may have revived in either of my two letters.

Have a meaningful life.

Fred [redacted] Jr.
[redacted] N.C. [redacted]

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