"Ryan's Song" - music and lyrics by Kirk M. Wright
(if lyrics are hard to hear, increase treble
& move balance of speakers to the left.)

vs. I - Well the wind may blow my dreams away,
And my silver clouds may rust.
But I find a little bit of strength in the coming days,
And the courage that turns my fears to dust.
- I cannot read the future in a crystal ball
Or in the wrinkles on the palm of my hand.
So don't ask me to lie down and die, my friend,
As long as I have legs, I will stand.

chorus: Oh, I may not have all the answers,
but one thing's for sure
A song of hope is my antidote, and...
love is the cure.

vs. II - When fire begins to burn all my bridges to the ground,
with a carpenter's skill I'll build them back again.
& when feelings of long ago fence me in and drag me down
Thoughts of the present soothe my head
- Today is mine, let's leave the past behind,
& throw the ashes of bitterness out to sea.
I don't believe in counting days or watching sands of time
But I still believe... I still believe in me.

(repeat chorus)
(guitar solo)

vs. III - Tomorrow is the day I will look forward to
I will walk ahead barefoot in the snow.
Because I still have the strongest will to live,
And an endless will to grow.


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