As for the sores they termed them as "superficial". They
also told me that there was nothing that could be done to
build the immune system or prevent the sores. They re
scheduled a check-up appointment in six months.

Later another doctor examined them and he diagnosed
them as having a sluggish liver. Also I have had the
opportunity to meet a world known toxicologist and discuss
the problems we have had with him. He advised me to cleanse
the liver. He too agreed that it was a sluggish liver. He
claims he has studied the effects of the Agent Orange chemical
and to his knowledge the areas most damaged are the liver,
central nervous system, and skin lesions.

As a concerned parent and especially a mother I did not
accept the fact that we could not overcome this problem. I
began searching and praying for an answer. God put a lady in
my path that shared some of her knowledge with me. She has
studied nutrition and vitamin supplementation for years.

We put our children on a special diet which simply began
by using whole wheat flour instead of while flour, brown rice
instead of white rice, honey instead of white sugar, and de
creased their intake of red meats. I switched them from the
prescribed vitamins to an all natural vitamin. We began buying
our foods through a "Food Co-op" which sells foods with no
preservatives, chemicals, additives, sugar, etc. Within seven
days I began to se a change in their eating habits, sleeping
patterns, hair texture, energy level, etc. After a couple of
months I began to notice the decrease in upper respiratory
infections. The sores began to disappear. When [redacted] came
home for a short stay from the VA Medical Hospital in [redacted],
I tried the diet on him. There was tremendous improvements
with [redacted] and his problems. He returned to the VA Medical
Hospital for only a short period and they released him. The
psychiatrist told me her "gut level feeling about [redacted] was
not a matter of 'if' he would commit suicide but 'when' he
would commit suicide". She advised me to watch him carefully.
So upon his release I began working with him through nutrition
and natural vitamin supplementation. There has been continual
improvement in [redacted] and the children. It has been almost
two years since we have seen a doctor for any reason; except
the fact that our little girl swallowed a vitamin and it lodged
in her esphogus and they had to remove it.

It has not been two years of disease free living but I have
treated them at home with lots of vitamin C, B-complexs, garlic
and onion, etc. The most important thing I have learned is that
we must learn to read labels on our foods and vitamins, and avoid
those products which contain preservatives, additives, chemicals,
white sugars, etc.

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