[redacted] Texas
January 19, 1989

Mr. Ryan White:

I am sending this ℅ KIA [redacted]. I knew not
how else to reach you.

AIDS is curable completely, very quickly, very
cheaply, no fuss or pain.

Hyperbaric oxygen (recompression) used 300+
years by doctors, etc. cost; $40-$250 ea. HBO "dive"
Pressure raised to 3 atmospheres. Probably aids
heart, etc., cures many ills includiding AIDS, ALL burns,
ends cancer and those ills which (also) cannot
take oxygen, Tumor, crushed limbs usually
saved with 2/150 "dives". Halts gangrene, ends
paralysis, excites endocrines, controlling
nearly everything. Take megadoses Vitamin E
(I alpha tocopherol best) after each "dive" to
replace. Many hospitals, military, diving/
salvage boats, etc.

See Herb, Naturopath, or *Homeopath doctors,
* The Queen of England does for ALL ills,

Good luck and Sincerely yours,
Charles A [redacted]

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Lesia Weber

Sorry. Can't finish this one. Too hard to read.