Dear Ryan White's Mother & Sister:

(I never heard his father mentioned)

My heart goes out to you. I feel
so sad over your son's passing.
I had a feeling I had known
Ryan for all time. I "felt"
so sorry for him when all those
people were so mean to him. I
just wanted to take him in
my arms and hug him. "I never saw anyone ever hug or kiss him. How sad." I detest
those "Homos" & no compassion for
them & how they get & give "Aids."
But dear little Ryan got his in
such a way that he had nothing
to do with it. People like him
I feel so very sorry for. He was
so brave, & so "cute" & "sweet" on
T.V., and such a pretty "smile."
My great nephew just turned 18, Jan. 22,
& his daddy got kilkled by a dope
addict (head on car crash) & just ?
a man friend of our son passed.

Mon. April 9, 1990

Dear Jeanne, (mother)
Andrea, (sister)

May you know the peace and comfort
This heartfelt thought imparts
The ones we love are never gone,
They live within our hearts.

Kindest Regards
Fred & Virginia

P.S. Look at the rose on
this card. It's beautiful just like Ryan.
I wish I could put one like it on his grave.
I wish I could have handed one like it to him.

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