Dear Jeanne White,

I eas sorry to hear about your son.
I had followed Ryan's story siunce his battlw
with his school in Kokomo. I'm 15 years old.
My name is Mary and I live California.
Your son taught the world more than anyone
else has. He taught us how to fight for what
we believe in and to have courage but he
taught me something more important. That live
is worth living. I have wanted kill myself
since I was 7 years old. Nothing could change
that until now. But Ryan even though I never
knew him, he's given one the strength to live.
Someday I will be in a band and the first song to
be released of the first album will be about your
son. If you don't mind? I'm not in a band yet
but I will be. Your son was the most wonderful
person I have ever heard of. I think if everyone
had a little of Ryan in them. They're wouldn't
be any pain. You and God gave the world a gift,
even though he was only here for a short while.
I, like the rest of the world, thank you.


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