[redacted] Tx. [redacted]
May 23, 1990

Dear Ms. White,

I wish to express my condolences concerning the recent death of your son, Ryan. When he died, I felt as if a portion of me had died as well. Dylan Thomas, a poet from the earlier part of this centiry, once wrote "Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light." After Ryan's death, this one particular phrase became stuck in my mind for Ryan did exactly as the quote said: he fough death to the bitter end. Many of my school-mates have the same feelings. On behalf of the students and faculty of [redacted] High School in [redacted], I express my deepest sympathies.

I am not only writing to say that I am sorry, however. As an amateur writer, who desires to have some of my works published, I would like your permission to do a biography of Ryan's life and submit it to a publisher for printing. I am not doing this for money; I owe Ryan a debt of honor because he helped me find a courage and conviction that I used to have but have since lost. It is my desire to attempt to repay this debt even though I know in my heart that I will never even be able to repay it in full. To prove that money is not my goal, I am willing to divide the net profits as follows: 50% to an AIDS charity of your choosing, 25% to the White family for the use of the name and events that will be included, 15% to the Ryan White Memorial Fund that has been established at the First Indiana Bank in Indianapolis, and only 10% for myself.

If you should choose to allow me to honor your son, you have my solemn oath to attempt to write the best piece that I have ever written. Any questions you may have can be directed to me at [redacted] or [redacted] Texas [redacted]. Thank you for your time.

Most Respectfully,
Victor [redacted]
Victor [redacted]

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