March 26, 1990

Dear Mrs. White,

You don't know me, but I have some
thing to say.

Awhile back your son Ryan died.
and a show "The Ryan White Story"
come on T.V., well I taped it. Some
times when i think about it, it
makes me want to cry.

Every time I watch it, I think
about how mean people can be.
Just that one small part that
Ryan had in the movie realy
made me think.

At my school a lot of kids joke
about Aids. That realy makes
me mad!!

If my family had known
ryan, I know we would have treated
you right. I know because my
father is a pastor.

I am 13 1/2 years old. My
name is Ashley [redacted]. And
I live in [redacted] Mississippi.

Please write me. It would
make me happy.

Thinking of ryan,
Ashley [redacted]

P.S. My address is [redacted]
[redacted] MS. [redacted]

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Author's last name need redaction in the last paragraph.