Brenda [Redacted]
[Redacted] OR [Redacted]
May 1, 1990

Mrs. Jeanne White
Mother of Ryan White
General Delivery
Cicero, IN 46034

Dear Mrs. White,

I am deeply sorry to hear about the death of your son. Ryan was
a very brave young man who took his illness in stride. I am sure
that everyone who met Ryan came away with the impression of a very
normal teenager who was also very ill. All through Ryan's ordeal
with AIDS, I followed his story since the first news cast. Ryan
has inspired many people to think tweice before endangering them
selves. In this effect, I think Ryan accomplished very much in
his day and I will never forget his devotion to life.

Enclosed you will find a poem that I wrote about Ryan in one of my
classes, Writing from Experience. AIDS has not been an experience
for me yet, but we do have something in common. I lost my father,
Phillip, to cancer over 2 years ago. He had cancer and heart
complications. He was 44. I miss him very much and I'm sure that
you miss Ryan very much also.

I didn't have the chance to meet your son, but I'm sure if I did, we'd
have alot to talk about. I'm not sure when Ryan's birthday was, but
he and I were both the same age - 18 - when he died.

I pray that you will remember your son as an inspiration and joy as
well as I do. Ryan was very much a normal kid in everything that
he did. I will always remember him.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Everything that
I wrote in the enclosed poem came straight from my heart.

Brenda [Redacted]

Brenda [Redacted]


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