May 3, 1990

Dear Mrs. White,

I wanted to write you and thank you for giving the world one of the greatest persons ever known. Ryan was a wonderful inspiration to me, and although, I never had the privilege of meeting Ryan, I felt like I knew him.

I, too am HIV+, and even though, I've never been ill, the fear and prejudice exist. One would think people infected with this virus are not worthy of treatment deserving of humans. Ryan was like a ray of sunshine to everyone who has ever been affected with the virus, whether it be by infection or connection.

I can only express to you the great pain I felt when Ryan left us. I know that all I felt was only a fraction of what you have been through. Ryan was very fortunate in having someone like you. I pray that your constant battle for the love and fair treatment for Ryan may have touched a few others who otherwise might still be living in dark on this subject.

Consider this letter a big hug and Thank You. You're wonderful.

Wayne [Last name has been redacted]
[Address has been redacted]

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