Dear Mom,
I hope everything is fine,
at home and at work.

Everything is fine here.

I have a little kitten, I got
for Holloween. His name is Frisky,
because he likes to get into everything.
He looks a little like Chi Chi, except
that his hair is short.

Did Andrea, get her senior
pictures? If she has any extra pictures,
could I have one?

[redacted] said that Andrea
is doing really good in school and
I hope she keeps up the good work,
I am really proud of her.

Take care and take it
easy when you are traveling.

I love you, Mom.

Love, [redacted]

P.S. Here is a little cartoon, I
thought you would like.

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This appears to be a personal letter to Jeanne from a close family member (step-daughter?), not about Ryan, and might be private.