[redacted] N.C.[redacted]
October 28, 1991

Mrs. Jeanne White
1580 Overlook Circle
Cicero, Indiana 46034-9627
Dear Mrs. White :

Hello, my name is Brant [redacted]. I am 8th grader in
[redacted], North Carolina. For a school project I am doing
research on Ryan White. The school project is called the "Night
of the Notable" . This project includes writing a research
paper, doing a backboard display and dressing up as your
notable. The reason I picked Ryan White is because I feel he
was the person who taught the world about AIDS and taught us how
to stand and fight. I was wondering if you could send some
information on Ryan. I am very proud to be doing your son for
such and important project.


Brant [redacted]

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