Nov 7, 1991
Dear Jeanne and Andrea
Hello. my name is Kelly [redacted]
I like in a small town
in upper Michigan called [redacted]
I am sixteen years old. I am
writing to you because of your son
and brother Ryan. I
believe Ryan was a beautiful
person and a gift from God.
He did so much to enlighten
the people in this world. Ryan
was so couragous and intellegent
I would also like to commend you
for being so strong through such
hard times. I cry sometimes
when I think of how some people
treated him. He never
hurt anyone. People are so naive.
Ryan seemed to be such a kind
and gentle person. I pray to Ryan
and for your family every night.
I know in my heart that Ryan
can hear me. I know he is
in a much better place now.
Ryan's courageous spirit will
live on forever. I will remember
him always. Thank you so much
for taking the time to read this
letter I greatly appreciate it
Kelly [redacted]

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