a gready deal. I still get very upset
about his death. It is just so
hard to believe and accept a
person like Ryan dying at such
a younf age with so much life
ahead of him. But thank God he did
not die in vain. He taught so
many people about AIDS(my friends and I! )
he was inspiration to us all.
Ryan has influence my life greatly.
From him I learned to have
courage and determination. Because
of him I learned to believe and
trust in God again. He has
taught me that life is precioius
and each day is a special gift
from God. So, now I take life day by day and not take it for granted. I am a different person
now because he has taught me
to be humane and to readh
out to thise in need.
I will never forget Ryan and either will
thousands of other poeple. He will always
be a great influenece in m like till the day I die.

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