Nov 4, 1991

Dear Mrs. White,
Hello! my name Jenna [redacted]
I live in [redacted], FL and
attend [redacted] High School
Where I am a sophomore.
I wrote to you before,
shortly after Ryan's death.
He is the reason for this
letter. Hardly a day goes by
that I do not think of
Ryan. I consider him to
be my idol and he is the one
person (besides my mother!) that
I look up to. I rushed
out and bought his book
as soon it came out! I have
read it quite a few times.
By reading this book, I felt
like I really knew Ryan and I
knew I woudl have wanted him
as a friemd. While I was reading the
book I was laughing and
crying at the same time.
Ryan had a wondergil
sense of humor and
I'm sure you miss that

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