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April 9, 1990

Jeanne White

Dear Mrs. White,

Im very sorry about your son Ryan. I feel inside very
bad for what happened. I want you to that I pray for Ryan In
a special way in church and at home. I have collected every
artical in the paper in the last mouth and I record every
TV station that has something on him.

My name is Eddie [redacted] im 13 years old. I under
stand that Ryan got aids when he was 13 years old. I live in
[redacted] Illinois. I just moved here right around when he was put
on life-support. Right then and there I knew something would
happen. I was wondering if you would send me some pictures of
of Ryan when he got aids and when he was 18. So that I can
have my current events of Ryan and some added picture.

My address is [redacted]
[redacted] Illinois

Eddie [redacted]
and Family

[handwritten text]
Eddie [redacted] and family

[printed text]
P.S. Please send in some information about him with the
picturs. Stuff like who is his Dad? Where is he? Was Ryan
ever able to drive a car? If so what kidn?

My family misses Ryan!!!

Thankyouvery much

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