Dear Ryan

I am really at a loss here because I can't
really express what I want to say in words. I just had to
write to you. I wanted you to know that you are really an
inspiration for me. Your strength, courage, and determination ...
three qualities everyone needs. You probably think I'm some adult writing to you but actually I'm in the 9th grade. I saw your
movie last night. It was really good. I even recorded it so
I can watch it again whenever I feel like it. When I'm
thinking about you and have the urge to see the movie again,
all I have to do is switch on the VCR. I couldn't take
my eyes off the T.V. to do my homework when it came on.
It was one of the best movies ever. The best part to me was
the scene with you and Lucus. Both of you did a great job. I
take it from the movie that you like rock music. That's something
we have in common. I like Bon Jovi. Seriously though, I didn't
know whether or not you would receive this letter. I had a
time convincing my mom to let me call all the way to Indiana
to the Cicero post office. I asked the person who answered the phone to give me your address and that crazy man (just kidding) didn't know who I was talking about. I finally explained it to
him and he told me just to write to Cicero and they would
make sure you got the letter. But the funny thing is that
I still don't have your address! You have a lot going for you
Ryan. You're smart, you have a great family, and you are so good-looking. I love your hair. My brother wants his hair
spiked like yours. Well I better go. Just remember, if you

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