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Anise ... Lavender .1. Liquorice ... Melissa .1.
Basil ... crocus ... Elder ... Savory .1.
Barberry .1. Tarragon .1. White mustard .1. Ginger ...
Rowan-berries ... Juniper ... Lovage .1. Caraway ...
Coriander .1. Dill seeds .1. Fenugreek .1. Marjoram .2.
Peppermint ... Rosemary .2. Stinging netle .2. Sloe plums ...
Thyme .2. Sage .2. Fennel .2. Sunflower ...

The underlined condiments should be ground to a powder, and placed in separate jars.
Next mix the prescribed condiments /as given/ and take daily ..1.. teaspoonfuls
add to heavy meals, eg. dinner, eggs with bacon, raw vegetable salads and others- for one year. After a year take them according to your estimations and taste each of the given condiments- all your lifetime.

HERBS _ Fles Cyani,_ Herba Abretani,_ Fructus Anethi, _Herba Origani,_ Herba Herniariae, Herba Agrimoniae, Herba, Marrubii, Fles Ericae_.
-Recipe-; Grind herbs to a powder, mix them, take ..... times a day .../... teaspoonfuls
wash it down with water, for ..... months
Recipe Mix the herbs, pour 1 tablespoonfull of them with boiling water, wait 30 min. filter it, drink ..3.. times a day before a meal/-after a meal-/ for ..8.. months.

HERBS FOR A HOT BATH _____Herba Verenicae,_Gemma Pini,_HerbaGenestae tinctoriae,_Flos Lavandulae_

RECIPE; Mix the herbs, pour 7 tablespoonfuls with 2 litres of boiling water, wait 30 min. filter it, pour into bath, stay in for 30/40 min...2.. times a week,for ..4.. months.