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Zbigniew [redacted] [redacted]___ Date 1985-11-11___
[redacted] POLAND


Surname_____WHITE__________ First name _____RYAN________Age____13_____

Radieathetic body colour____Blue

Avitaminosis A.. B/1.. B/2..B/6...B/12...B/15...D...F...K...PP...U.........
___blood,lymphatic gland,/upp./,nervous system, skin,body, genital organ._______
To be under treatment:
Reccomended nutrition: to be eaten as long as the herbs!
1.Vegetable - only in the raw state: Celery, Carrot, Dill, Turnip, Onion,__
___Horse-radish, Sunflower__________________________________________
Recipe: Grate the vegetables, mix them, season to taste with salt, pepper, sugar,
cooking oil, or ketchup and mayonaise.
DON"T FAIL to add spices to allow easy and painless assimilation of food.

NOTE: Raw vegetable salads to be eaten all your lifetime !
2. Fruits / compote/ __Plum-berry, Strawberry, Black Currant____________________
3. Mushrooms__ ____--____________________________________________________
5. Nitrate-free carrot juice= once a day ___1 glass-5months__________
6. One teaspoonfull of honey, 2 tablespoonfuls of milk powder,one raw yolk, 2 tables-spoonfulls of flaked-oats;pour boiled but lukewarm water with fruits given above over that mixture. Eat after 15-20 min 1 time a day for 5 months.
Then twice a week all your lifetime !
7. Grind to powder flax-seeds, take __--__ teaspoonfull____ times a day for ___ months, wash it down with herbs !
CSN - Central Nerve [Central Nervous System]