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TKoe at Nov 07, 2018 08:01 PM


Jan 89

Dear Brian & Andrea,

I was so touched by your
story on T.V. last night. My heart
goes out to the pain you have had
to endure. your family has been
put through an ordeal unlike one
few adults will ever have to experience.

Through all this pain you must
realize the beauty it has brought
out. It has made you grow as
a family - a close loving family
with a mother so loving + so
devoted - the likes of which few
kids will even know. Hug her
often, let her know you appreciate
her dedication - her strength, her love.
Thank the good Lord for this mom.

Brian - keep up the good fight.
You can lick this Aids I know.
Keep tough and determined you'll
continue to show em all.
Andrea good luck skating. (over)