Dearest Jeanne and Andrea,

No greater thing was ever done
than to put down your life as Ryan
did for the betterment of all people
and to help educate the world.

The disease of Aids will some
day. God willing be conquered.
I have lessor hope for the
disease of ignorance that is
prevelant among so many.
Your son Ryan really lived; for
his heart learned compassion
at such a young age. He re-
cognized that adults who
are supposed to keep learning
as they age -- sometimes don't.
Yet he was not bitter at their
ignorance. I am sure Ryan
would rather be remembered
for a lifetime of accomplishments
beyond his years than as James
Smith and the Howard Country Judge
who with schooling & Chronological

[Greeting card text]
May it be a comfort to you
and your family
to know that others
share your loss
and deeply sympathize
[End of greeting card text]

My prayers to you,

Susie [redacted]
[redacted] OK
[redacted] Call if ever
I can help you.

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