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The Liturgical Season of Anno Domini 1989

How the Liturgical Calendar Works

The Saints are always celebrated on the same day
every year, for example: St. Ambrose is always celebrated
on December 7 unless it falls on a Sunday, if so,
then it is omitted that year.

But, there are certain Feasts and Saints t
hat are Never omitted, even if they fall on a Sunday.
During Ordinary Time & Christmas, they are celebrated on Sunday.
During Advent, Lent, & Easter they are transferred to
the Saturday before its original day.
The following feasts are NEVER omited:

1. January 1- Mary Mother of God - Solemnity
2. February 2- Presentation of the Lord - Feast
3. March 19 - St. Joseph, Husband of Mary - Solemnity
4. March 25 - Annunciation - Solemnity
5. June 24 - Birth of St. John the Baptist - Solemnity
6. June 29- Sts. Peter & Paul - Solemnity
7. August 6- Transfiguration - Feast
8. August 15- Assumption - Solemnity
9. Triumph of the cross -September 14- Feast
10. All Saint's Day - November 1 - Solemnity
11. All Soul's Day- November 2
12. November 9- Dedication of St. John Lateran - Feast
13. December 8- Immaculate Conception - Solemnity
14. December 25- Christmas Day - Solemnity