Rules for Movable Feasts

1. Easter Sunday- 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon in Spring
2. Ash Wednesday- 7th Wednesday before Easter.
3. Palm Sunday- 1 week before Easter.
4. Ascension Thursday- 40 days after Easter.
5. PeNTECOST Sunday- 50 days after Easter.
6. Trinity Sunday- Sunday after Pentecost.
7. The Body & Blood of Christ- Sunday after Trinity Sunday.
8. Christ the King- Sunday before the 1st Sunday of Advent.
9. 1st Sunday of Advent- Sunday closest to November 30.
10. Sacred Heart- Friday after the 2nd Sunday After Pentecost.
11. Immaculate Heart of Mary- Saturday after the 2nd Sunday after Pentecost.
12. Epiphany- Sunday between January 2 & January 8.
*13. Baptism of the Lord- Sunday after January 6.
14. Holy Family- Sunday between December 26 & December 31.
- If there is NO Sunday- then December 30.
15. Ordinary Time runs from the Baptism of the Lord to the
Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. and from the Monday
after Pentecost to the Saturday before the 1st Sunday
of Advent.
16. Labor Day- 1st Monday in September (in U.S.A. only)
17. Thanksgiving Day- 4th Thursday in November (in U.S.A. only)
18. Oktoberfest Day- 1st Saturday in October (in Pottsville only)
- All Memorials that fall between Ash Wednesday & Easter are made
optional memorials, and also for December 17 to December 24,
* If Epiphany is on January 7 or January 8- Baptism of the
Lord is celebrated on the Monday after Epiphany.

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Name of city not redacted in point 18.