let everyone know your story.

I also think your story changed
the lives of many people in this

I think your doing a damn good
job at spreading the truth about A.I.D.S.,
and I hope that you will continue
to tell not just America, but
the whole earth about this disease.

I don't know if your Catholic,
or not, but, in the catholic religion we
have a comemoration of what we call
saints. Saints are people who lived
good lives on earth and/or were killed
for believing in Jesus.

The Church remembers these saints
throughout the year. Today the
Church has one person that they
consider a "walking saint," although
she does not have a feast day, yet.
Her name is Mother Theresa.

In my eyes, I consider you a
"walking saint" because of all the good
you do by educating the people of this
world, in your own way.

I pray ever day that they may

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