[redacted] PA [redacted]
January 17, 1989
St. Anthony, Abbot

Dear Ryan,

Hi! My name is Steward [redacted]
and I live in [redacted] Pennsylvania.

[redacted] is a lot like Cicero,
but larger. [redacted] lies in a fairly
agricultural area. But the mining industry
here is mining for Anthracite Coal.
[redacted] is also the home of the
oldest brewery in America. It's
called "Yuengling's Brewery."

[redacted] is about 92 miles N.W.
of Philadelphia and about 61 miles N.E>
of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's capital.

I watched your show last night on
TV, plus I taped it. It was one of
the best shows on TV in a long time.

I would like to say thank
you for sharing your story with
all of us. I think that took a lot of courage to

over [arrow]

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