January 17, 1989

Dear Ryan,

Hello! My name is Lori [Redacted]
I'm 13 ½ years old. I go to
[Redacted] Hi School in [Redacted]
[Redacted], IN. I'm in 8th grade.
I think, from all the years of
watching TV & listening to the
radio, that you are a very
nice youngman. I watched the
movie about you last night. It
was very dramatic & sad. I cried
alot. But I was also a little
angry & always have been
with people like the ones in
Kokomo. I can remember when I
was 8 or 9 when you first got
AIDS. I cried! At that time I did
not even know what it meant.
I also cried when I heard them
say on TV that you couldn't
go to school! Since then when I
have to do reports, I always
choose you [of what little I know.] &
AIDS. Now, I know quite a bit

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