April 19. 1990

Dear Mrs. White and Andrea,

I know you don't have any ideaa who I am and you
might not even care, but my name is Lanette Zanger and I
live in Haddam Kansas. (It's the North Carolina part of the state, about 13 miles south of the Nebraska-Kansas border.) I'm a
senior at North Carolina High School in Morrowville Kansas

I want to say that I have watched Ryan on T.V. and
his fight for his rights and his life. I know it must be hard for him too.

I guess I was so touched by his efforts and all your
work, that I just had to write you and let you know that
there are some of us that care out here in America.

I wish there was something I could do! If there is
anyway you could help my friends and I help others out,
please feel free to do so. We would really appreciate this.
I do really admire all that you three have went through
and done for others. If there were more people in America
like your family - wow!- what a place we would be.
Even better than we, (America) are now!

I really am sorry that Ryan had to die, he was such
a neat person and we will all miss him. I want to say though
that at least now he is in a better place and he can always,
be remembered for what all he did for others and will never
be forgotten. I truly believe that now he doesn't have an
more pain and he will always be alive in all our memories.

Reading the artical/story in the People's weekly, I cryed
and cryed until I was almost sick. It just touched me so much.

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Lesia Weber

Lanette Zanger name not redacted.