Dear Mrs. White,

Hello. I hope you are doing O.K.
My name is Karen. I live in
LaPlata Maryland with my husband
Derrick and our 2 yr old daughter Meggan.
I am writing to you about your son
Ryan. I first saw you and Ryhan when
I happened to turn on the Sally Jessy
Raphael Show a few years back.
Since then I have been lucky enough to
see the Donohue show and "The Ryan
White Story." I have never met anyone
who was as strong or positive as Ryan
was. Ryan wass the leader when it came
to educating the world on aids.

As a mother myself, I can't begin
to imagine the hurt you must have
experienced inside seeing Ryan want nothing
more than to be accepted. After reading
all that I could get my hands on about
aids, it is quite clear that the disease is not

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