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In the accompanying Awake Magazine, the feature articles
address the quiestion "Health for All Mankind --- When?"
Oftentimes, as is discussed within, medical emergencies
arise due to human error or a non-healthful course of

But...who will remedy the situation for good?

On page 8, the article entitled "Permanent Healing Near"
directs us to the Source who not only can but will abolish
the cause and effects of these deadly epidemics. His son,
Jesus Christ, demonstrated on a small scale what will soon
happen worldwide. Please read the scriptural accounts
cited in the articles - using your own Bible.

The one accomplishing this feat is none other
thatn "Jehovah - the most high God." (Psalm 83 verse 18)

Yes, true health is possible. There is so much more
to be said that cannot be contained in this letter. Please
feel free to contact the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's
Witnesses and they will help you learn more from your
Bible about the positive hope for the future when
"no resident will say: I am sick." (Isaiah chapter 33
verse 24). Or, please write back.

K. [Redacted]

(I thank the editors again
for forwarding this letter.)