We are a family with
2 school aged boys. We
have lost 2 young family
members not too long ago.
The death of a child is the
worst nightmare of all.

I have followed Ryan's
life since this horror
unfolded & feel as if I
knew him. I was devastated
to hear of his passing.

Ryan was corageous. But
your strength Mrs. White &
your dear daughter is a
miracle. You will always
be in our prayers. Ryan is
safe & happy. He is with Jesus.

Dear Mrs. White
& Andrea:

[printed text]
Please accept
with deepest sympathy,
the heartfelt thought
that there is hope in
each new tomorrow.

[handwritten text]
Our thoughts, prayers
& love are with you

With deepest regrets,
The [Redacted] family

J. R. [surname needs to be redacted]

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