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The parents of Ryan White

I am sorry I can't find a better way to head this letter, I
hope you will forgive me that. I'm Fred [redacted] a future writer who
sent you a poem on the third of April. Although I have writen other
poems about Ryan since, I do not think this would be the time to give
them to you Over the pat two days I'm sure that words of comfort
have not been very soothing to you, but I'm going to give you mine
anyway. I'm not sure if you'll get to read them tho, if I were in
your place I think that I'd have a nice large letter fire going now.
At any rate here's my comforting words, it is a quote said by Batman of his late wife, as stated in "THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #179":

"Her death was pointless, tragic... but I have long since given up
trying to find meaning in death. The meaning is in life, not
death... and Selina's life was as full of meaning it was of love, and spirit, and courage, AND when my time comes to join her... I would
only hope the same could be said of me."

It is now your job, without neglecting Ryan's sister, to make
sure that Ryan name doesn't just pass in to the dustypages of a
history textbook. It is my personal hope that will be more
original than to simply attach his name to AIDS research or on to a